Saturday, November 15, 2014

NCLEX Prep: The PRIMED Classroom Experience

We are often asked by prospective students to describe the PRIMED classroom experience. In answering this question, we first assure the individual that our classrooms are not like a regular lecture. We like to refer to the educational setting as a 'Cooperative Learning Environment' where student-based learning operates on a constructivist model. In layman’s terms, we move forward as a group towards a successful understanding of the material and concepts assessed on the NCLEX.

Both our online environment and our classroom setting build comprehension through open discussion. During the two days of instruction, educators work with students to increase their proficiency of the core topics that will be covered in the NCLEX-RN. During this instruction, students are encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences so the group as a whole can benefit from the cooperative environment created by the PRIMED education format and the NCLEX prep.

Students are also taught various memory techniques during the PRIMED classroom experience. These strategies help nurses retain many of the details outlined in the NCLEX courses. At the completion of the course, instructors help individual students identify which areas they need to brush up on.

The total hours of instruction are approximately 16. But the help doesn’t stop there. Along with the classroom instruction, students receive a 200-page study guide. This guide is a takeaway document that helps students organize their time and their knowledge of the necessary material. This guide is accompanied by ongoing support from the PRIMED team.

Our ultimate goal is for students to leave our courses feeling confident about taking the exam. The NCLEX can be a daunting test. Aligning with the PRIMED team is the best way to prepare. We firmly believe that our instruction will lead nursing graduates to success on the NCLEX-RN.

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